Music Box


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​Music Box


Around we twirl,

music touching

everything we are.

My gaze fixed

unto yours,

Twirling ’round

no one to care.

Look at your eyes,

your face, your hair!

Around we spin, a

Music Box,

caring not if music

stops or not.

‘Round and ’round to

Wind again,

Dancing with my love,

Closest of friends

Twirling to music that

Never ends.


Chanté Walker  2/10/2017


My Concern For You


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​My Concern For You


I will cradle you

beyond painful years,

hold you in my caring arms,

wipe your crawling tears.

You can feel secure

knowing you’re not alone.

I am by your side

as I’ve always shown.


I’ve adored your smile

filled with great compassion.

Though this world’s grown cold,

my deep concern for you hasn’t.

Should you ever feel

I have disappeared.

Remember how real my love for you and

that I’m always near.


Chanté Walker  2/10/2017



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Step by step

she walks away.

My hands reach out

for her return.

Still she treads,

step by step.


Her eyes are closed,

she cannot hear,

but she looses just one tear.

I plead with her,

don’t walk away.

Still she does,

step by step.


Her arms are crossed,

her mind erased of

our memories,

all hope.

Step by step

she leaves it all behind,

and I can’t stop her.


Step by step

she walks away.

She turns back,

I’ve disappeared.


Chanté Walker  2/10/2017

Take My Hand


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​Take My Hand


Take my hand and walk

with me into the distance

of a fertile land

where paradisaic pleasure

abounds beyond all measure.


Never will we face

such issues now existing

in this troubled world

when suffering has ended,

our lives have been defended.


Take my hand and walk

with me into a future

void of pain and strife,

a joy there’s no denying

with happy faces smiling.


Anxious minds are put at ease.

Everyone will enjoy peace.


Chanté Walker  2/10/2017

A Race For Eternity


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​A Race For Eternity


Servants run the race and without ever looking back,

the race for life ahead that’s lasted for so many years

despite our imperfections and our enemy’s attacks,

they run with ev’ry pounding step and don’t give in to fear.


This is not a run where just one winner gets first place.

Our competition isn’t with ourselves, but our dear lives.

The victory belongs to all who finish out the race,

surviving this old system and our adversary’s lies.


Some require catching breath and many won’t go on,

but there are few enduring joggers, stretching for the goal,

and when the finish line approaches and our trials are gone,

these are the ones who will inherit paradise foretold.


Let’s run the race and not look back, let’s do so urgently

so we can cross the finish line and gain eternity.


Chanté Walker  2/10/2017

The Smaller Things In Life


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​The Smaller Things in Life


The little actions that you do

create the bigger person you are;

the tiny pieces you use

a personality by far.

The smaller sayings you speak

form deeper meanings to be heard.

From lessons that you teach

come understanding by your words.

Many morals kept

are found built by every choice

as the standing of a group

joined by every single voice.

Many things that form the mass

begin with decisions of a few.

The very thing you wish to be

start with minor choices made by you.


Chanté Walker  2/10/2017

The Song to Which She Sleeps


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​The Song to Which She Sleeps


When I tuck my child in bed

I sing a little tune

I have stored inside my head

since ever I was two.

My mother chirped it to me too.

Those days I never will forget

and just how quietly I slept.


Now, as it soothes her little ears,

I watch her peaceful eyes.

This singing melts away our fears.

I’ve come to realize,

the love I have can’t be replaced,

the bond we have, never erased.


At the silent end of song

I gift a gentle kiss

to remind her all along

I’ll love her just like this:

she will always be my girl

and hold a place inside my world.


Chanté Walker  2/10/2017

A Thousand Suns


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A Thousand Suns


A thousand suns will rise

upon your gorgeous eyes.

A thousand days, they’ll shine

upon your heart divine.

They’ve lit a thousand skies

though many clouds pass by.

Such light can leave one blind,

and yet, this glow is mine.

A thousand suns may set,

but I will not forget

the many smiles shown

and happiness you’ve sewn.

A thousand words are kept

in dreams while you have slept.

You are not alone,

your happiness, my own.

Chanté Walker  2/10/2017

A Special Night


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​A Special Night

I recall that evening

like it would be our last,

how we spoke together

after one last dance

in the moony field.

I recall the dress she featured,

how it seemed to glow

like many flowers in the moonlight.

The moon – it flashed a bright reflection

from the convex shape

of her silver necklace-

one I gave her years ago.

Yes, that special night

was the night that I proposed.

The rest is history.

Chanté Walker  2/10/2017

Where Horizon Meets the Sea


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​Where Horizon Meets the Sea

Where horizon meets ocean,

misty clouds greet the sea,

where ships sail off into the distance,

There, my heart will be.

While the sun sets at present,

hues of love grow dimmer still,

sounds of joy and laughter fading,

My heart continues free.

As the storm is expanding,

notice: I am still alive.

That you’d love me in my future-

nothing more than promised lies.

Thus the need to establish

what’s become of you and me.

My heart won’t let you to suffer.

You’ve gained peace, serenity.

You will always find my love

where horizon meets the sea.

Chanté Walker  2/10/2017